Last updated: 8 August, 2018

The following policy outlines the rules for collection and use of personal health information and records, and our privacy commitment to our patients, by which we adhere while handling any and all private information.

Applicable Law
While managing personal health information we are governed by the Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), which came into effect on November 1, 2004. This Act establishes legal requirements for the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information.

Implied consent
By providing information to us directly or by virtue of seeking care from us, patient consent is implied (assumed) for information to be collected, stored, and used by the Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic to provide care, and to be shared with others involved in care.

Collection of personal information
We collect personal information about our patients in order to provide them with health care or assist in the provision of healthcare to them by other healthcare providers. We may collect this information either from our patients directly or, in some circumstances, from a person designated to make care decisions on their behalf. The information that we collect may include:

  • Identification information (name, date of birth, address, health card #, etc.)
  • Health history (records of visits and the care that our patients received either with us or from other healthcare providers, medical histories, test results, reports and treatments, etc.)
  • Billing information (OHIP #, private insurance information, etc.)
  • Other information that may facilitate the provision of health care services

Permitted use and disclosure of personal information
In accordance with PHIPA, we may use and disclose personal information as follows:

  • To treat and care for our patients and to facilitate care by other providers
  • To receive payment for the treatment and care (e.g. from OHIP, WSIB, private insurer, or others payors).
  • To conduct risk management activities.
  • To conduct quality improvement activities
  • For teaching purposes.
  • To conduct research.
  • To compile statistics.
  • For fundraising purposes to improve our programs and services.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To fulfill other purposes as permitted or required by law.

Protection of personal information
We will take steps to protect personal information of our patients from theft, loss or unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure or disposal. We will take steps to ensure that anyone who performs services on our behalf respects our patients’ privacy rights and only uses or discloses personal information for permitted purposes. We will promptly investigate all complaints regarding our compliance with PHIPA. All privacy complaints will be treated in a confidential manner.

Patient Rights
Patients have the right to access records at any time and in a timely manner. If they request a copy of a record, one shall be provided at a reasonable cost. If they wish to view the original record, one of our staff must be present to maintain the integrity of the record, and a reasonable fee may be charged for this access. Patient requests for access to medical information may be made verbally, in writing, directed to a physician or to office staff.

We make every effort to ensure that all of information is recorded accurately. If an inaccuracy is identified, the patient may request that a note be made in the file to reflect this.

A patient may withdraw consent to have their information shared with other health care providers or other parties at any time, except where disclosure is authorized by law. Such withdrawal shall be done in writing and discussion this with their physician is highly recommended to patients intending to withdraw their consent prior to withdrawal.

Collection of non-personal information
We may collect and store non-personally identifiable information about visit(s) to this web site such as the means of entry to this site, the type of browser used to access this site as well as the date, time and duration of the visit(s), pages visited and similar information. This information is not associated with any party personally but rather is used to measure the site’s performance and usability.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time: it is advised to refer to this Policy for updates and/or changes, if any. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on this website. If our company is acquired or merged with another company, patient information may be transferred to the other company so that it may continue to provide services to our patients.

Contact information
For more information about our privacy protection practices, or to raise a concern you may have about our practices, please contact us.