Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways you can register for a sleep study to determine whether you have a sleep disorder:

  1. You can contact us directly to schedule an appointment with a sleep specialist.
  2. visit your family doctor and bring him one of our referral forms.

Should you prefer the direct contact, you can call us, or email us, or just drop by in person!

Sleep studies are covered by OHIP in Ontario, so you will not need to pay anything for the test. Should there be an issue in need of remedy, the basic equipment is also covered by OHIP, but you may have to pay some money for upgrades, which may also be covered by extended health insurance.

There are no special preparations needed for a sleep study apart from minor consumption limitations and general common sense. Our guide should give you all necessary information.

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Usually the electrodes are removed by 6:30am. The time out of the door will depend on your personal preferences and shower availability should you prefer to take a shower before you leave.

Please refer to contact us page with detailed directions.

If no other specific instructions were given to you, please come by 8pm.

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