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to the patients is our promise to you!

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic is known for its highly professional and passionate team of therapists and specialists who will provide outstanding service to the patients. We bring back the emphasis on the word “service” in “healthcare services” on top of the best level of patient care, education and experience.
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Since 1990 we have honed our service proposal to provide the best possible level of care, and it became even better with the opening of a brand new facility in 2018.

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic,
A dedicated group of outstanding professionals.

Why choose Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic

We pioneer the new concept of sleep study with emphasis on the patient
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Premium Patient Service
Would you perhaps like to take a shower before you leave us after the test? Or a cup of premium coffee in the morning to get you going with your day?
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Premium Physician Experience
We value your time and commit to work with you as a team to bring fast and reliable service to you and the best possible outcome for your patients.
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Covered by OHIP
Sleep study covered by OHIP for Ontario residents! Sleep issues can seriously affect your life. You make the conclusion!

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic Offers

Experience Revolution in Sleep Study
Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic is known for its passionate and highly trained team of respiratory therapists and accredited sleep specialists.

Highly Trained Team

To make sleep study the desired experience by our patients, to facilitate physicians’ involvement, and to improve lives all around.

Our Mission

Would you prefer to stay in a three or a five-star hotel if money was not in the picture? We thought so.

5-Star Experience

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic will pioneer the new concept of sleep study with emphasis on the patient, all while delivering the best clinical results.

Our Vision

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Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic
Benefits Include

Patient interactions
We will take care of all patient interaction referred to sleep study
Timely Communication
We will keep you updated with timely communication
Ongoing Patient Support
We will provide ongoing patient support
Access to Patient Sleep Study Data
We provide access to patient sleep study data
Schedule and Follow-through
We will schedule and follow through all necessary steps
Either you could download the form or we can set up the EMR to receive referrals directly. Please contact us with the name of your EMR system

Clients’ testimonials

What our patients say about us
We were really impressed with the level of comfort and professionalism provided for the sleep study of our mother. Thank you, guys, indeed a 5-star hotel experience!
My husband has sleep apnea and we really appreciate all the help we received and the improvements we have seen since starting treatment in your clinic!
I had a lot of sleep-related issues due to work where I have to work on alternating morning/nights shift. All issues are gone now thanks to you guys. Your help is truly appreciated.

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Work Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00-22:00
Address: 2888 Bathurst Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON, M6B 4H6

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